5 sightseeing you must see in Egypt

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Without doubting the monuments and temples in Egypt is the best places for you to have wonderful memories.

1-The pyramids

Its one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Cairo , these buildings are the greatest monuments built by humankind (three ones built by three great kings),Khofu is the biggest one , Khafra is the second one and Menkaura is the smallest one ,beside all these great pyramids you can visit the sphinx which built as a guardian for these a mazing monuments.

2- The Egyptian Museum

The biggest museum built in the middle east, more than 120000 items collected from the ancient Egyptian temples decorated this great museum , and of course the golden collection of the golden boy (King Tut Ankh Amon)is the best to watch.

3- Valley of the Kings

The kings of the new kingdom chose this valley to build the best tombs  which helped them to pass to the second life , the tombs in this valley in a very good state of preservation ,and the colors inside it stand as a wetness for the glory of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and the most important tomb people want to see and enjoy it is the tomb of king Tut Ankh Amon ,the only one they found intact in this valley.

4- Karnak temples

When you visit Luxor you should visit Karnak temple , it’s the biggest complex of temples built by the Egyptian hands , many kings participated to build these temples    (why not?) its dedicated for god Amon Raa , god of the gods ,and the most beautiful place you should see over there is the Hypostyle hall of this temple , 134 columns with wonderful colors built by the greatest king Ramses 2 .

Karnak not only temples to visit but it should be the biggest book of history tilling us about the ancient Egyptian history.

5- Philae temple

It’s one the most beautiful temple built in Aswan city , its Greco Roman temple dedicated for Goddess Isis   , motor boat is the only transportation way to go there because this temple built on an island , the temple with its carving consider the best place to visit in Aswan.