Habu Temple

one of the most impressive temples in Egypt Medinet Habu is both a temple complex and a complex of temples.

for the great encompasses the main temple of Ramesses3 and several smaller structures from earlier and later periods.

The main temple itself is the best preserved of all the mortuary temples of Thebes. containing more than 7000 sq.m of decorated surfaces across.

Its walls and providing an excellent temple of the developed New Kingdom temple form and plan.

The is aligned approximately south-east to the northwest, but conventionally the southeast side facing the Nile is described as east.

During the reign of ramesses3 and even after the kings cult had declined, Medinet Habu functioned as the administrative centre of Western Thebes.

It was here, for example, that the workmen who constructed the royal tombs in the Vally of the Kings.

It’s coming to demand payment when they went on strike.

it was in the great fortified complex that many of the inhabitants of the area took refuge when Upper Egypt was engulfed in civil war after the close of the 20th dynasty and in other times of trouble.

Eventually, the great walls of the complex were breached in a sustained attack, and later, during the Christians era.

The whole area was covered by the Coptic town of Djembe.

and even the great temple itself was filled with dwelling and one of its courts used as a church.

Nevertheless, the administrative and defensive values of the site far outlived the cult of Ramesses monument.

and it was able to avoid many of the predations to which other temples inevitably fell victim.





Karnak Temple


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